Quail Eggs

I have never seen Quail eggs before and was excited to find these at  Mississippi Market in St. Paul. Every time I go shopping I decide to buy something that I’ve never tried before and  find ways to cook with them. I was surprised to discover that quail eggs have 13% protein compared to a chicken egg which contains 11%. Quail eggs also don’t have bad  (LDL) Cholesterol only good (HDL) Cholesterol. I eat an egg everyday so I thought this was perfect for me. The only thing I have to master is cracking open the egg because of it’s thick shell. It took me three eggs to get a good photo.  When you do crack it right, you get a cute little fried egg!

*The large egg is a chicken egg and the small one is the Quail Egg*

Here’s a link to a website with more information on the benefits of Quail Eggs.   http://geniuscook.com/quail-eggs/


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