Winter wonderland..

Anxiously awaiting Spring….

Nothing beats a toasty hot bonfire on a cool wintery night along with S’mores, drinks, and good company. One thing bonfires are good for is conversation- thoughts, humor, dreams, and stories.  Until recently I always used to just think of the seasons as seasons and never really thought about what each one could truly offer to me.  I was told Winter was about going within to replenish, rest, and nourish the body- a time for self discovery.  Then once Spring came it was time to bloom, to show all that one had discovered.

Since my husband and I are getting ready to leave our house and journey elsewhere, it got me thinking about all I possessed inside and how I’ll get ready for the move.  I spent several weeks weeding out things that had no significant value to me, but just stuff.  It wasn’t me anymore and I was ready to let go of it. It also felt good to be able to pass somethings along to others who needed it or who would enjoy it as much as I once did.  What I had left was things given to me with love, handmade, or had a vacation or childhood/personal memory. I will take these things along with me and look forward to Spring- to new things.


2 responses to “Winter wonderland..

  • Tannie Marsh

    ….having moved twice in under 12 months, I sure wish I had a better grip on getting rid of things! I should of invited you over to help me weed through things, Tai! 🙂

    (p.s. I enjoy your website! Found the deoderant info interesting, too!)

    • Dream Bird

      ugh that’s a lot of moving! I would of loved to help weed! lol. I enjoy organizing things. Glad you’re enjoying the site, thanks for subscribing. Should be a lot more interesting things to come. 🙂

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