Puerto Rico

The best part of vacation to me, is food. I want to eat what the local people eat and experience their tradition as much as I can.

Hot & spicy vinegar sauce: Authentic local find. There were tons of used Bacardi bottles filled with this mixture to choose from. The best part, you could unscrew the cap to smell the aroma. Wasn’t quite sure how sanitary it was going to be, but couldn’t resist the fact that it was a  homemade recipe.







Rafa’s BBQ- local vendor. We got a whole rotisserie chicken (there were about 10 chickens cooking) and yellow rice with lentils/beans. The portion size was huge and cheap. The guy wacked the pieces with a huge knife. Everything fell off the bone. We spent the afternoon eating it at the beach.


I loved the small markets on the side of the road. The biggest avocados I’ve ever seen! I didn’t think they could get this big. The inside pit was larger than a kiwi. We mashed it up and ate it with plantain garlic chips.

I enjoyed looking at the variety of bananas to choose from. Plantains was by far my favorite type of banana. You eat it cooked in several different ways. I enjoyed Mofongo – garlic mashed plantains.

Lobster stuffed in a pastry dish with cream sauce -amazing. This was my favorite meal during the trip. The restaurant had several large and private small balconies that over looked the city Ponce, Puerto Rico. It was beautiful to see the city lit up all the way towards the ocean.





Chorizo with fried local cheeses in a wine/olive oil sauce and spices. Paired with a couple of medalla light beers.






Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Peeling oranges for 50 cents each. On a 85 degree day it was quite refreshing. The guy used a peeling device to remove all of the peel from the orange. Then the tops were cut off to squeeze out juice and eat.

Shopping trip to the grocery store. I could of spent hours in there. All of their produce was fresh, colorful, and big.


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