Kites in the sky

Old San Juan, Fort San Felipe del Morro

It was a beautiful sunny day and extremely windy, but perfect for kite flying. It was San Juan’s 7th Annual Kite Flying Festival, so the whole place was packed with families flying all kinds of decorative kites. Everyone was happy, smiling, and excited. I’ve never seen so many kites so high in the sky. We decided to have a picnic in the grass and watch the kites.  It was fun to watch those who had no control over their kite, waiting for one to come crashing down. Being there brought me back to Easter when I was a child. My siblings and I would get kites and fly them out in the field next to our house. I loved it and haven’t done it in years. If the wind is right this year I just might have to buy a kite. How about you?


One response to “Kites in the sky

  • Dream Bird

    As easter rolled around this year I didn’t buy my kite, not enough wind! But I did enjoy being outside with my family. Finally a warm day. Watching my niece & nephews run around during the Easter egg hunt collecting eggs, watching the football being thrown around, (once into my car and once into the back of my nephew while riding bike..) seeing my little niece playing in the grass with her blue toenails, and enjoying the laughter being shared with one another. It was a great day.

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