Duck Eggs

Chicken eggs, Quail eggs, and now Duck eggs! The duck egg size and taste stood out as being the best between the three of them. They have a harder shell and when cracked open, the yolk stays firm unlike the others. The yolk is my favorite part of the egg so when I cut into it it had a different texture. It was thick, smooth, and creamy. Unlike the chicken egg’s yolk which is runny, the duck egg’s yolk coated everything on my plate. It made a perfect match with my fried ham.

Duck egg on left

I purchased the duck eggs at River Market Co-op in Stillwater, MN. They come in a carton of six for $4.99.  The lady that raises the ducks has her own farm called Living The Dream Farm. She has a pretty interesting and inspiring life journey. It’s definitely worth checking out her website.  You can also find more information about the duck eggs too.


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