Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day!!…Celebrate the beautiful world we live in. 


One response to “Earth Day…

  • Dream Bird

    My husband, our two dogs, and I went out to some DNR land not too far from our house. It had a gorgeous river running through the woods. Even though it should have been spring weather that day, it reminded me of fall (my favorite season). Brown (our black lab) was ready to hunt, animals, sticks you name it, he was ready. Once he saw the river though he only wanted to swim and fetch logs, yes logs, the dog is literally obsessed with anything made out of wood. Bernie, on the other hand (our adopted treeing walker coonhound) had to be on a retractable leash, didn’t care. He’s the complete opposite of Brown, he’s pretty laid back, just wants to sniff around and eat garbage. And sadly there was plenty of garbage to go around. I couldn’t believe how much garbage I picked up. I’m not sure why people feel the need to use places like this as their garbage can, but I know from now on, I will always try to carry garbage bags where ever I go. I want to go to these places to enjoy nature, watch my dogs run, and have nice walking paths, not to walk by piles of cans, cardboard, and detergent bottles. Ick.

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