Herbs and more herbs…

My husband and I are in the process of selling our house so it definitely made it hard this year to plan for a garden since I hopefully won’t be there this fall to harvest my vegetables. One thing that I can still do though, is have my herb garden. I can plant them right into pot containers and sit them on my deck, plus it makes it easier to access them while I’m cooking. If you are one of those people who doesn’t have a garden and is sort of interested in herbs, planting them in pots is the way to go.  I buy good organic soil, water them regularly, and let them do their thing. There’s nothing better then having fresh herbs on hand to enhance the flavor of what you’re cooking. 

When potting the herbs, make sure you put the tall herbs in front of a shorter herbs. That way they aren’t blocking light. You can pick up several variety of herb labels or make your own to help identify what you are growing. Mine are made out of metal for .50-.80 cents each. I purchased them at Dragon Fly Nursery in Amery, WI. It is one of my favorite greenhouses to go to. http://dragonflygardens.net/


2 responses to “Herbs and more herbs…

  • Nancy

    I think I will have to plant some herbs but I have had them before and find that I don’t really use them much in cooking.
    I have some mint in my frig right now. Any suggestions of what I can do with it?
    PS. For selfish reasons I hope you are still here in the fall.

    • Dream Bird

      You could cut off a bunch of the herbs and store them in the fridge to have on hand.
      Speaking of mint….I just used some last night! I’m going to post an eggplant recipe with mint in it that’s really good, made it last night.

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