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day to day…

The secret of health of Body & Mind is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, nor to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely & earnestly  ~Buddha


Summer Picnics….

Summer picnics….there’s nothing better than laying down a blanket, gathering your favorite snacks & drinks, and meeting someone to enjoy a day of relaxation, conversation, a day of letting go. These moments are important not only for the mind, but the body. We are out in nature, soaking in the sun getting Vitamin D (the happy stuff) and taking in all that surrounds us.(other people having picnics, laughing, exercising, smiling) One thing that’s fun is to bring snacks that perhaps the person you are with has never had before. Go exotic, bring along a little info. on what you are eating and where it came from. Bring along a notebook of thoughts, questions about life, etc. with you. Share your ideas and gather new information from that. Share stories, laugh, heal what needs healing.  And most importantly, document your time together. Photographs are powerful and bring us back to that moment.  

Looking up…

the yellow package…

Usually our mail box is filled with the typical boring white envelopes filled with junk mail or bills- with never a moment of excitement. Today though was different story. There it was a small yellow package addressed to me from a very good friend. Inside was a journal and a post card. On the back of the postcard it said, “I saw this journal and thought of you and Dream Bird.” along with other inspiring words. Every page of the journal had beautiful drawings throughout with plenty of room for me to write my thoughts.  I wish we lived closer to each other, but it’s moments like this that doesn’t matter how far two people live from each other. They share a common connection with each other and remain true friends. Thanks Katie for the awesome gift.

Inner self…

Iolite with Rose Quartz:

These two stones are wrapped together with copper wire to make a pendant. It hangs on a brown suede rope.

Stone Meanings: 


Vision & creative expression. Opens a path to your deep inner self to discover lost part of self and your inner treasures. Stimulates us as spiritual beings. Helps one stay in the moment and brings harmony to the self within. 

Rose Quartz:

Stone of unconditional love-heart healing. Encourages self love, offers inner peace, self worth, promotes forgiveness, relieves loneliness, raises self-esteem. Very soothing and happy stone. Removes fears, resentments, anger while enhancing inner awareness. It can help with reconciliation with family and friends. Bringing gentleness, compassion, kindness, and tolerance.


Trusting yourself… Do you have moments where you know that you should trust yourself, but you let fear take over? You create these unrealistic stories and believe that they are true when in fact they are just made up. It’s crazy how believable we can make things. By not trusting yourself and creating unrealistic stories, it takes you out of the present moment. That thing that so many of us try so hard to be in. I often wonder what it would feel like if I could have one day (preferably everyday!) where I was in the present moment all day. What would that feel like, how would things taste, and smell? What would be different? Today I am trusting myself by writing this blog and posting it for everyone to see. By trusting myself and being in this moment, I am creating change within myself. I am learning to trust. 

One Windy afternoon…

Finally a windy day to fly kites…It was very relaxing watching the kites float around in the air, kind of brought out the child from within.