Summer Picnics….

Summer picnics….there’s nothing better than laying down a blanket, gathering your favorite snacks & drinks, and meeting someone to enjoy a day of relaxation, conversation, a day of letting go. These moments are important not only for the mind, but the body. We are out in nature, soaking in the sun getting Vitamin D (the happy stuff) and taking in all that surrounds us.(other people having picnics, laughing, exercising, smiling) One thing that’s fun is to bring snacks that perhaps the person you are with has never had before. Go exotic, bring along a little info. on what you are eating and where it came from. Bring along a notebook of thoughts, questions about life, etc. with you. Share your ideas and gather new information from that. Share stories, laugh, heal what needs healing.  And most importantly, document your time together. Photographs are powerful and bring us back to that moment.  


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