Shanna Allyn…

Coming up with compositions rather than taking photos of something. Seeing her subjects at the moment she is photographing them. Connecting with them and getting to know them on a different level, perhaps in a subconscious way. Documenting her life carefully, organically, allowing it to move along at a pace that is comfortable for her.  To be out there and be a part of something this is where she feels that her work can be somewhat of a light. Progression from start to finish. Seeing things for what they are. Seeking truth in life and never giving up on life’s passion.

This is my sister Shanna and I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of her journey my whole life and a model for her Strange Beautiful series: A series of mind body and soul.

“What intrigues me the most about her work is the over all composition of the picture, narrowing in on texture, color, and placement of the subject. I enjoy the oddness of the photos, while trying to make sense of things. It tells a story at many different levels, portraying the questioning-answering of one’s life journey.”

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Shanna describes her work as raw, compelling, dreamlike, honest and funny, all while digging through conscious emotions; concentrating on imperfection and natural beauty, unified by escapism and freedom.  Creating unusual situations, dealing with issues that make people squirm, perfuming a sense of eeriness.  A humor that is dead-pan and sarcastic, strange & beautiful.

Shanna Allyn is a multi-media Minneapolis based artist.

She grew up in Wisconsin & spent four years living and working in New York City as an editor, assistant art director & graphic designer.   As a photographer, she portrays portraits of women.

She holds a BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences from the University of Wisconsin River Falls.

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