Monthly Archives: August 2011

Music in the parks…

One way to relax during those mild summer nights is gathering friends, family, or your loved one and hit up music in the parks. Just google your local chamber of commerce website to find out what’s going on in your community.  When out and about pay attention to the flyers at coffee shops, art galleries, co-ops, and other local places. There is so much to do and you don’t have to go too far. 

My family and I spent this night celebrating my dad’s birthday outside at UWRF Melvin Wall amphitheatre, just several feet away from the Kinnickinnic River.  The night’s music was featured by the Chapin Sisters. Two sisters from Los Angeles California playing folk/pop melodies.  The night was very relaxing and the two sisters music was unique, mystic, with a sense of quirkiness.


Lighted wine bottles….

I didn’t have to go far to find these unique & decorative lighted wine bottles.  The artist is my brother, Scott Allyn.

He takes recycled wine bottles and turns them into a fun light that adds color/texture to any room. He incorporates funky feathers, beads, ribbons, wire and other items to add interest. A small string of lights is inserted inside the wine bottle to enhance the color of the glass. He sells the lighted wine bottles for $20 each.   It’s been inspiring to see him tap into his creative side and produce such nice work. Congrats! 

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Lovely red tomatoes…

I discovered in my garden yesterday that my roma tomatoes were red, ripe, and ready to be eaten. So what to do with these lovely little guys?….  My husband cut them up and made a caprese salad.  

Ripe tomatoes, cut up in slices

Fresh basil leaves

Mozzarella cheese, torn to medium size pieces

Olive oil to drizzle

Salt/pepper sprinkle for taste =