Woolly Bear Caterpillar…

Over the past several weeks while driving and walking I couldn’t help but notice all the little caterpillars scurrying across the road trying to make it to the other side as fast as they could. The ones I saw weren’t fast enough and remained permanently engraved into the pavement. This little guy on the other hand made it to the other side with no problem. I was curious though as to why there were so many and what kind he was. While googling I came across a blog that called them Woolly Bear Caterpillars.  The caption on the blog stated “Do Woolly Bear Caterpillars predict winter weather.” After seeing that I was intrigued to find in fact what this person had to say. The person’s curiosity started with his grandmother and then his mother making winter predictions for either a cold/ snowy winter or a mild one based on the stripe of the caterpillar. 

What they came up with was:

A wider middle brown section means a milder winter season

A narrow middle brown section means a harsh winter season

Next time I’m out for a walk I’m going to pay attention to the band of those little guys. Not that  I see this predicting our winter weather, but it gives me something to do on my walk and some people rely on a ground hog to tell them whether or not Spring is going to come early. So why not have some fun with it.


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