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New Years…

Happy New Year!

“Cheers”, “Okole Maluna”, “Sláinte”, “Salud”, “Na zdorovje”!!

As New Years rolls around, I often think about what my new years resolution is going to be. When I think about the year 2011, just like any other year it’s filled with ups and downs. But really as much as I would want to decrease the downs and increase the ups, I wouldn’t change anything. It has helped me grow and has gotten me to where I am right now. This year I have been given wonderful gifts that has challenged me as a person, while letting go of things that no longer fit me.  

 2012: To be a part of change not only around me, but within myself.  To embrace the unknown. To lots of new, delicious food creations.  And the welcoming of my first baby as I become a mom. 


Fresh Water Pearl Earrings…

Dream Bird

Fresh Water Pearl Earrings:


Fresh Water Pearls:

“Purity, truth, faith”

Formed inside a shellfish (oysters/mussels) ranging from different shapes, colors, sizes. China is the major producer of pearls. 

To balance & heal all chakras. In search for higher wisdom and truth. Absorbing negative energy, reducing allergies, relieving chronic headaches and alleviating migraines by wearing directly onto the skin.

Birthstone: June

Fresh water pearls, brass chain, copper chain, sterling silver earwires.

Fabric Bracelet…

Dream Bird

Fabric Bracelet: $24

Recycled fabric, decorative stitching, hand stitching, snaps.

These bracelets were inspired by a bracelet I bought that said “love is the answer”. It was perfect for me at the time. With that in mind I wanted to create my own style of bracelet. It stated “Trust Change”. I wear these two together on my wrist to remind me everyday that with love and trusting change, anything is possible in my day. Inspirational quotes have been very powerful words in my life, a pick me up, to bring a feel good energy to my day. Not every bracelet has a saying, but just the colors and patterns alone bring joy.

Happy Holidays…

The Holidays:

Family, friends, loved ones, pets, good food, laughter, home movies, snowflakes, singing, christmas music, conversation, giving, christmas lights, warmth, stories, fancy drinks, sledding, wood fire, dancing, cold winter nights, connections, love…it’s that time of the year when the holidays bring us all together.  

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, may the rest of the year bring wonderful memories onto the New Year.  

Winter Solstice 2011…

Winter Solstice:

Letting more light into your life!

Many celebrate this day as the return of the sun when darkness turns into light, making this the longest night and the shortest day of the year. 

How are you going to celebrate this day? One year I lit candles, surrounded myself with positive energy, snacks, good drinks, good company. Made the night fun.

Google Winter Solstice festivities and you’ll find how others like to celebrate bringing the light back in. 

Giant Decorative Fabric Necklaces…

Dream Bird

Giant Decorative Fabric Necklaces:  $48 each

Inspired by my love for scarves and jewelry.  I wanted to combine the two to make a large decorative piece that you could have fun wearing. Since it’s made out of fabric, it’s light and won’t strain or pull on your neck. The neck is made out of recycled sweaters so it’s easy to pull over your head as well as provide comfort all day long. I also use recycled fabric/sweaters, vintage fabric, hand made fabric flowers/buttons, decorative stitching, upholstery fabric, recycled lace, and ribbon in my designs. I use anything that inspires me in that moment of creating.

Litter in the ditches…

One of my favorite things to do during the day is just be outside amongst nature. It doesn’t matter what the weather permits, I will try to get myself outside to get some fresh air, go for a walk, and enjoy what the day has to offer. I recently moved to the country from living in town. While on my walks in the country I couldn’t believe how much garbage there has been on the side of the roads compared to when I would walk in town.  It was ridiculous and so much. I didn’t mind a few banana peels or apple cores, but a jar of pickles, bottle of vodka, cans & bottles of pop…really? It is that hard to just keep those things in your car until you find a garbage can?  Apparently it was and as I walked down that road several times during the week, I realized that no one was going to clean it up and the ditches would soon be consumed of garbage.  So I took it upon myself to do the job. During my walk I collected 2 bags of garbage (only within a mile of the road!).  I can’t imagine how much more I would have collected if I would have walked further. It made me feel good to clean it up, and to  help our environment breathe. I wonder though about these people who keep throwing trash in the ditches, what if trash starting piling up in their yards…