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The Path That Carries…

“The Path That Carries”

Tai Allyn-Gleason

Size:  14 ½  x  9


My paintings consist of acrylic, wood or canvas, and several different mediums for texture throughout.  I use anything from newspaper, ink, chalk, hot glue, journal entries, and magazines to create a sense of depth/perspective to each painting.  Color, texture, and placement of the object are the most important elements in my designs.

My paintings depict mood, feeling, color, conversation, an idea, thought, vision, dream.


BB Animal Mobile…

Dream Bird

BB Animal Mobile: NFS

(Set of 3)
Purple, Peach, turquoise blue- recycled sweaters, felt, decorative stitching, ribbon

These little guys have ribbons attached to them so they can hang.

Your story…your life…

“Avoid getting trapped in someone else’s story. Be the Author of your own life.”

                                                                         ~Whole Living Magazine

Clematis Flowers: symbolizes ingenuity, mental beauty

Honey Calcite Post Earrings…

Dream Bird

Honey Calcite Post Earrings: $12

Honey Calcite:

Intellectual power, confidence, mental clarity”

Stimulates one to take new directions in life. Self-worth. Balances hormone levels, endocrine system.  Found in USA, Mexico. 

Resin bead, honey calcite, sterling silver posts