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Modified Sweaters…

Modified Sweaters:

All sweaters are made from existing pieces of clothing, recycled fabric/sweaters/ribbons, vintage fabric, upholstery fabric, hand made fabric buttons, decorative stitching, and other various materials. 

 Sick of your existing clothing…I can work with what you already have in your closet

and turn it into something special and unique.

Coral Bird Ruffle short sweater jacket

Size: medium


Made from recycled clothing (sweater, skirt), vintage buttons, cotton fabric, vintage ribbon, decorative stitching


The many shades…mother to mother

When the sky would turn grey, my mom would color it with all shades of color. Heart shaped clouds that poured down endless love to keep me smiling. She did what she knew and she never stopped. Time went on and the words unconditional started to make sense, she was human, a natural form of existence. She understood and she grew. Now together they know. She makes heart shaped clouds. She feels, that you cannot explain. You gave me life, you gave me love, and together we celebrated. I never knew and now I know. 

Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mother’s out there, one in particular, my mom.  You always wanted me to be happy, and that I am…May you always now you are special and what you do matters. 

Morel Mushrooms…

Found around dead or dying elm trees, old apple orchards, old ash, poplar trees and pines. lies these delicious morel mushrooms.  Considered a fungus and arriving in the spring time, these mushrooms are something out of the ordinary.  As a child I remember my dad coming inside from the woods with a big bowl of these and frying them up in butter. He was always so excited and eager to find more. His love for the morels has rubbed off on me.  Now I’m the one finding my own bowl and sharing them with my family. Thanks dad. 

*The aroma in my kitchen that night was morel mushrooms fried in butter and smothered on top of a rack of goat ribs shared with a garlic spinach & bacon salad.*

Within the earth…



“I feel the rain on my skin…

I feel the earth through my toes…

I feel the energy in my soul…

It’s this place I call home…”

                                                                        ~dream bird