Monthly Archives: July 2012

My grandma’s old fridge…

Life truly is full of beautiful things, one in particular today is my Grandma Flo’s old refrigerator. As I remember it was full of goodies, cheese, salami,veggies/dip, cookies, pop, beer, and best of all her homemade bars. She always had that thing packed to the max to entertain at any hour of the day. She would greet you at the front door with stockings on, pair of slacks, fancy blouse, nails painted, hair fluffed and jewelry fully on. You always felt welcomed and left fuller than you came. Sadly she passed away at the age of 99. A life fully lived and cherished by those who knew her.  Now I have her fridge sitting on my porch ready to be filled with goodies for my children, friends, and family. I think she’ll be happy to know the fridge will continue on bringing people together storing good food.