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Flowered red bag…

SONY DSCVintage fabric, button, recycled fabric, nylons, decorative stitching

The two things I wanted to have for this bag was an extra inside pocket (I sewed a large flower design for pocket and added a vintage button) for storing little goodies and a stretchy handle (made out of nylons for comfort) to adjust to the weight of  what is put in the bag.


Fabric belt…

Dream Bird

A world full of imagination, ideas inspired by nature, a little odd, random, and whimsical 

ImageFabric Belt: Children’s size- adjustable 

Made from recycled sweater, fabric, hand made flowers, decorative stitching

Fabric napkins…

Fabric Napkins

Made from 100% cotton

I didn’t realize how many paper towels I used during the day until my husband pointed it out. In my attempt to be better, I would rip the towels in half for napkins and often reuse them if they weren’t that dirty. This led to piles and piles of half used napkins everywhere.  The solution was then simple, fabric napkins. This way when I leave them lying around for an additional use, it’ll be something fun, colorful, and more attractive….and better for the environment as well. 

Modified Children’s Sweaters…

Dream Bird

Modified Children’s Sweaters

Giving your little one his or her own individual unique style.

Recycled fabric/clothing, vintage buttons, decorative stitching

Modified Sweaters…

Modified Sweaters:

All sweaters are made from existing pieces of clothing, recycled fabric/sweaters/ribbons, vintage fabric, upholstery fabric, hand made fabric buttons, decorative stitching, and other various materials. 

 Sick of your existing clothing…I can work with what you already have in your closet

and turn it into something special and unique.

Coral Bird Ruffle short sweater jacket

Size: medium


Made from recycled clothing (sweater, skirt), vintage buttons, cotton fabric, vintage ribbon, decorative stitching

Dream: Hand knitted Washcloth

Another washcloth done! I hope to have a nice little collection for the baby. Did I mention I’m pregnant? 33 weeks today, in fact 33 weeks of total amazing things. None of which I could have predicted.  I’m having a girl so it’s been fun making fun things for her. 

Hand knitted Cotton Chenille washcloth:

Cotton Chenille yarn, vintage fabric, decorative stitching, hand stitching

Hand knitted baby washcloths…

Hand knitted baby washcloths made with:

Cotton Chenille Yarn, vintage fabric, decorative stitching, hand stitching