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To seek…to dream…

Artwork: Gallery in Egg Harbor, WI

“It is in Hoping that we dream, in Dreaming that we seek, in Seeking that we find our life’s desire.”

-Author unknown


Music in the parks…

One way to relax during those mild summer nights is gathering friends, family, or your loved one and hit up music in the parks. Just google your local chamber of commerce website to find out what’s going on in your community.  When out and about pay attention to the flyers at coffee shops, art galleries, co-ops, and other local places. There is so much to do and you don’t have to go too far. 

My family and I spent this night celebrating my dad’s birthday outside at UWRF Melvin Wall amphitheatre, just several feet away from the Kinnickinnic River.  The night’s music was featured by the Chapin Sisters. Two sisters from Los Angeles California playing folk/pop melodies.  The night was very relaxing and the two sisters music was unique, mystic, with a sense of quirkiness.

Eat Local Farm Tour

A full day of touring 11 farms in the Twin Cities area. Taking a tour to experience and learn the food-farm connection. Seeing where our food comes from while understanding why these places do what they do and have been doing for years.

I ventured to Big River Farm/ Minnesota Food Association, a nonprofit organization located in Marine on St. Croix, MN. They are dedicated to growing farmers and growing food. Their program operates an immigrant/minority farmer training program together with community supported agriculture and wholesale distribution services. They teach the people how to farm to maintain what they are farming successfully. The program usually takes 3 years to get to where they are knowledgeable enough to make a living off of the farming. With that they learn marketing skills, customer relationships, and well grown fresh organic produce. 

It was peaceful, quiet, and hot. A perfect home for vegetables to grow and for me to use my senses. My nose picked up the smell of dill right away, my mouth pooled with saliva as I starred at the red juicy strawberries, my eyes saw a green pasture of vegetables and the cutest little eggplant growing, and finally my ears could hear nothing but the sound of the wind blowing along through nature….

Drying garlic, it smelled so good

Cherry tomatoes

Vegetable gardens

Harvesting room

tasty flavor for the day…

Chilkoot Cafe and Cyclery, located in Stillwater Minnesota

  The service was friendly and the atmosphere was cool and pleasant. This place definitely left a good taste in my mouth. Everything on the menu looked delicious. I had the House Ruben (corned beef, kraut, muenster, russian dressing, sourdough bread) with pickled vegetables and Tabbouli salad (quiona,mint, grapes, parsley, lemon, cucumber,lettuce). And of course Maine Root Rootbeer, one of my favorite Rootbeer’s out there. I first discovered it in Maine on my honeymoon and was lucky enough to find it here in Minnesota later after! The best part of the meal was that it was made from all local ingredients. This is what made it fresh, tasty, and memorable. Next time I’ll check out breakfast and go for that huge, frosty muffin in the case! 

A cozy little find…

I saw this saying in the bathroom at a very cute, unique, and cozy coffee place tucked along a side street in River Falls, WI called “Earth Angels Coffee House and Acoustic Gallery” Everything about this place felt very inviting. A place you’d want to bring family &  friends to relax and lose yourself for a couple of hours. A part of their sign outside said it all…. Free Hugs.  You could tell this place was built on love, passion, heart. I look forward to coming back and listening to their acoustic music sometime soon. I love finding places like this that are unlike any other.