Fabric napkins…

Fabric Napkins

Made from 100% cotton

I didn’t realize how many paper towels I used during the day until my husband pointed it out. In my attempt to be better, I would rip the towels in half for napkins and often reuse them if they weren’t that dirty. This led to piles and piles of half used napkins everywhere.  The solution was then simple, fabric napkins. This way when I leave them lying around for an additional use, it’ll be something fun, colorful, and more attractive….and better for the environment as well. 


Modified Children’s Sweaters…

Dream Bird

Modified Children’s Sweaters

Giving your little one his or her own individual unique style.

Recycled fabric/clothing, vintage buttons, decorative stitching




“Somedays I just feel sassy, letting go of what feels conventional, standing tall and empowered…all shades of pink. “

My paintings consist of acrylic, wood or canvas, and several different mediums for texture throughout. I use anything from newspaper, ink, chalk, hot glue, journal entries, and magazines to create a sense of depth/perspective to each painting. 

My paintings depict mood, feeling, color, conversation, an idea, thought, vision, dream. 

My grandma’s old fridge…

Life truly is full of beautiful things, one in particular today is my Grandma Flo’s old refrigerator. As I remember it was full of goodies, cheese, salami,veggies/dip, cookies, pop, beer, and best of all her homemade bars. She always had that thing packed to the max to entertain at any hour of the day. She would greet you at the front door with stockings on, pair of slacks, fancy blouse, nails painted, hair fluffed and jewelry fully on. You always felt welcomed and left fuller than you came. Sadly she passed away at the age of 99. A life fully lived and cherished by those who knew her.  Now I have her fridge sitting on my porch ready to be filled with goodies for my children, friends, and family. I think she’ll be happy to know the fridge will continue on bringing people together storing good food.  

Calendula salve…

Calendula pedals being infused in cold pressed olive oil

I finally got around to making my calendula salve. Great for dry skin, minor cuts/burns, and rashes. My daughter has been itching the side of her head so I wanted to find something as natural as possible to apply there since she likes to put her hands in her mouth at all times. I found this recipe at Delightful homemaking blog online. What I liked about it was that it had simple ingredients, smooth consistency, and smelled good. 

Calendula  pedals infused in cold pressed olive oil for 2 weeks out in the sun, beeswax, lavender essential oil.  

Modified Sweaters…

Modified Sweaters:

All sweaters are made from existing pieces of clothing, recycled fabric/sweaters/ribbons, vintage fabric, upholstery fabric, hand made fabric buttons, decorative stitching, and other various materials. 

 Sick of your existing clothing…I can work with what you already have in your closet

and turn it into something special and unique.

Coral Bird Ruffle short sweater jacket

Size: medium


Made from recycled clothing (sweater, skirt), vintage buttons, cotton fabric, vintage ribbon, decorative stitching


The many shades…mother to mother

When the sky would turn grey, my mom would color it with all shades of color. Heart shaped clouds that poured down endless love to keep me smiling. She did what she knew and she never stopped. Time went on and the words unconditional started to make sense, she was human, a natural form of existence. She understood and she grew. Now together they know. She makes heart shaped clouds. She feels, that you cannot explain. You gave me life, you gave me love, and together we celebrated. I never knew and now I know. 

Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mother’s out there, one in particular, my mom.  You always wanted me to be happy, and that I am…May you always now you are special and what you do matters.