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Fabric belt…

Dream Bird

A world full of imagination, ideas inspired by nature, a little odd, random, and whimsical 

ImageFabric Belt: Children’s size- adjustable 

Made from recycled sweater, fabric, hand made flowers, decorative stitching


Modified Children’s Sweaters…

Dream Bird

Modified Children’s Sweaters

Giving your little one his or her own individual unique style.

Recycled fabric/clothing, vintage buttons, decorative stitching

Modified Sweaters…

Modified Sweaters:

All sweaters are made from existing pieces of clothing, recycled fabric/sweaters/ribbons, vintage fabric, upholstery fabric, hand made fabric buttons, decorative stitching, and other various materials. 

 Sick of your existing clothing…I can work with what you already have in your closet

and turn it into something special and unique.

Coral Bird Ruffle short sweater jacket

Size: medium


Made from recycled clothing (sweater, skirt), vintage buttons, cotton fabric, vintage ribbon, decorative stitching

BB Animal Mobile…

Dream Bird

BB Animal Mobile: NFS

(Set of 3)
Purple, Peach, turquoise blue- recycled sweaters, felt, decorative stitching, ribbon

These little guys have ribbons attached to them so they can hang.

Honey Calcite Post Earrings…

Dream Bird

Honey Calcite Post Earrings: $12

Honey Calcite:

Intellectual power, confidence, mental clarity”

Stimulates one to take new directions in life. Self-worth. Balances hormone levels, endocrine system.  Found in USA, Mexico. 

Resin bead, honey calcite, sterling silver posts

Fresh Water Pearl Earrings…

Dream Bird

Fresh Water Pearl Earrings:


Fresh Water Pearls:

“Purity, truth, faith”

Formed inside a shellfish (oysters/mussels) ranging from different shapes, colors, sizes. China is the major producer of pearls. 

To balance & heal all chakras. In search for higher wisdom and truth. Absorbing negative energy, reducing allergies, relieving chronic headaches and alleviating migraines by wearing directly onto the skin.

Birthstone: June

Fresh water pearls, brass chain, copper chain, sterling silver earwires.

Fabric Bracelet…

Dream Bird

Fabric Bracelet: $24

Recycled fabric, decorative stitching, hand stitching, snaps.

These bracelets were inspired by a bracelet I bought that said “love is the answer”. It was perfect for me at the time. With that in mind I wanted to create my own style of bracelet. It stated “Trust Change”. I wear these two together on my wrist to remind me everyday that with love and trusting change, anything is possible in my day. Inspirational quotes have been very powerful words in my life, a pick me up, to bring a feel good energy to my day. Not every bracelet has a saying, but just the colors and patterns alone bring joy.